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Poker Bootcamp India

Poker Bootcamp India (PBC) is a first-of-its-kind structured program, designed by professional poker players-cum-poker coaches Abhishek Goindi and Tanay Hargunaney, that focuses on not only the technical and tactical facets of the game but also the mental aspect. 

An interactive poker learning experience, Poker Bootcamp focuses on creating winning habits amongst its campers, which will eventually help these players increase the win rate and longevity on both live and online formats. What will ideally take a good few years to learn and accomplish can be learnt within the duration of the bootcamp. 

Both the coaches, Abhishek and Tanay, are well-known in the Indian poker circuit and have had a good run for almost a decade now with over INR 50 million (5 crores) in winnings. Born out of the passion and sheer dedication for this game, Poker Bootcamp is a holistic programme that involves online as well as offline methodologies.