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A first-of-its-kind structured program for learning poker in India by Poker Pros & Coaches Abhishek Goindi & Tanay Hargunaney. Enroll today and rewrite your poker success.



Hello Poker

₹ 29,999

  • Master the Fundamental
  • Basic Poker Math
  • Player Profiling

New Batch starts from 20 May 2021

Hello Poker - Online interactive coaching

A foundation course for those with basic experience of playing poker both online or Live – MTTs or Cash games. This course aims to bring a holistic approach to the game while putting a structure to your in-game thought process so that you can take better and faster decisions, and increase play volume.

Who is this for?

This course is for you:

  • If you want to learn the fundamentals of the game
  • If you want to improve your win rate
  • If you’re facing challenges and unable to resolve them
  • If you have been playing for a while but still feel stuck at a lot of situations
  • If you have learned poker during the lockdown
  • If you have tried learning through various online sources but you were unable to apply those principles properly to your game

Course Content:

♠  We discuss theory concepts, the mathematics of poker, and MTT Fundamentals
♠  Hand History discussions and analysis for each session
♠  Help develop winning strategies whilst eliminating bad play
♠  Access to private discord chat and Whatsapp group with 24×7 access to head coaches
♠  8 sessions | 90 minutes each online training on ZOOM – Email us for further queries

Hello Poker Advanced

It’s time to level up, level up, LEVEL UP!
Elevate your game with our new Hello Poker Advanced course.

In this course, you will learn various post-flop dynamics and fundamentals such as
♠ board textures,
♠ how to approach tournaments and various tournament strategies
♠ understanding what to do when you’re facing a raise against a loose opponent,
♠ various pre-flop strategy on how to approach 3-bet pots, how to play against late position openers
♠ learn to make adjustments against loose players and calling stations in the Indian field on Indian websites
♠ Understanding how to set-up a study routine
♠ Mindset training for running deep in tournaments
♠ And a lot more in terms of theories and strategies, and gameplays

Who is this for?

Low and mid stakes players

(who play tourney buy-ins upto ₹1100)

Course Structure:

3 Theory Sessions
  • Theory is important because it helps us decide the right play and strategy
4 Hand history sessions
  • Every player has to send in their game recording for a minimum of 3 hours) coaches will analyse and help develop the campers based on their individual strengths and weaknesses!, and we see if what we learnt is applied correctly during the games
1 Play & explain session by the coach
  • The coach plays live and explains his moves, strategies, and decision-making live to the camper

Hello Poker Advanced

₹ 30,000

  • 3 Theory Sessions
  • 4 Hand History Sessions
  • 1 Play & Learn

New Batch starts from October 2021


Pot Pot Re pot - PLO

₹ 54,999

  • Mathematics of PLO
  • Fundamentals & Theory
  • PLO Tools

New Batch starting From (To be announced soon)

Pot Pot Re Pot - Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha is a growing game in India.

Who is this for?

This course is for you:

  • If you are playing PLO cash games across any stakes
  • If you play PLO on social gaming apps
  • If you  play with friends or private tables
  • If you have never taken any formal training or coaching in PLO and have learned on the go only through friends/free youtube videos/ or solely through experience

Course Content:

♠  Introduction to PLO
♠  Preflop strategies and hand selection
♠  Post Flop Introduction – Range Construction
♠  Hand Histories Sessions
♠  Access to Private WhatsApp + Discord group for campers
♠  10 Sessions (90-minute each, twice a week) on ZOOM

MTT Camp for Intermediate

Course Structure

  • 2 Theory Sessions
  • 1 Solver View Analysis
  • 2 Play and Explain Session by Coach (at low/mid stakes)
  • 3 Hand History Sessions (30-minute slot per player)


Month 1

Theory Topics
1. Building an isolating range for limpers, the adjustment from Preflop Range
2. How to play flop after missing

Solver Analysis
1. Picking up Equity on the turn after missing Flop

Month 2

Theory Topics
1. 3Betting and Facing a 3Bet after RFI
2. Understanding Cbet Sizing in 3b Pots
Solver Analysis
1. Analysing River Spots – Bluff Catching

Month 3

Theory Topics
1. Building your preflop Cold Calling range and adjusting to the table
2. Facing a Cbet on the flop

Solver Analysis
1. Analysing River Spots – Betting Rivers


MTT Camp for intermediate

₹ 29,999/month

  • PBCI MTT Camp Batches 3 month Plan
  • 8 Sessions, 90 minutes each
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30PM - 7.00PM

New batch starts from (To be announced soon)


PLO Camp

₹ 55,000/month

  • PBCI MTT Camp Batches 3 month Plan
  • 8 Sessions, 90 minutes each per month
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.30 PM - 9.00PM

New batch starting from (To be announced soon)

PLO Camp

Course Structure

2 Theory Sessions
1 Solver View Analysis
1 Monthly Test
1 Play and Explain Session by Coach (at low/mid stakes)
3 Hand History Sessions (30-minute slot per player)


Month 1

Theory Topics
1. X/R Flop Strategies in wide ranges
2. Playing 3B Pots
Solver Analysis
1. Picking up Equity on the turn after missing Flop

Month 2

Theory Topics
1. Isolating Limpers and Adjusting Pre Flop Ranges
2. Playing MW Pots Post flop
Solver Analysis
1. Bluff Catching River Spots

Month 3

Theory Topics
1. Flop x/R and Turn Play
2. Playing OOP in SRP
Solver Analysis
1. Betting on the river

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About the coaches


Abhishek Goindi (@asgoindi)
Co-founder PBC

Abhishek Goindi has over a million dollars across his career (Live and online) in cashes and has won multiple High Rollers trophies. Former India no.1, Abhishek brings in 14+ years of experience of playing professional poker across five continents. He was one of the first Indian players to enter World Series of Poker (WSOP) and was also awarded, “Indian Player of the Year” for his excellent performance on the felts in 2010-11. Abhishek has also been the Captain of Punjab Bluffers (a team of PSL) for two consecutive years. Along the way, he has mentored and coached a lot of young poker talent of India. He is the first Indian poker pro to come up with a structure poker course.


Tanay Hargunaney (@hargunaney.tanay)
Head Coach & Co-founder PBC

Tanay Hargunaney is an IIT grad who quit Microsoft in 2017 to play poker professionally. A former brand ambassador for a leading poker site, Poker Dangal, Tanay specialises in deep stack cash games online and offline. He has multiple cash game leaderboard finishes to his name both online and offline. Last year, he represented India at the National Cup 2019, Ireland in Match Poker after qualifying from the Team Pune Kings at Match IPL.

shardul poker bootcamp coach

Shardul Parthasarthi (@siemprerioooo)
MTT Coach

Shardul Parthasarathi is an electronics engineer by qualification who started playing poker when he was in his first year of college. He quit his job at PokerDangal last year to play poker professionally. An MTT Specialist, Shardul brings in over 8 years of experience and has over 1.8 Crore recorded winnings so far. He has also represented the Mumbai All-Stars in the Match IPL 2019.

what players say

What real poker players said about Poker Bootcamp India

Mohit Savargaonkar

PBCI is the place where I’ve unlearned and learned, and I am still learning. The whole discord community is my biggest blessing. I have been playing online for about 9 months before starting the course, and was tilting a lot and running negative. After finishing the course in October, used the whole of November to study and play min tourneys. The plan for December was to invest 10,000 and turn it 10x by the end of the month and build a bankroll for January. A couple of weeks into December I have managed to make it 130x, which has amplified my confidence and I just want to focus on improving my game in the coming weeks.

PBCI - 3, Nov 2019

    Charudatta Datar

    As a beginner, I found that poker is as complex as chess and perhaps even more difficult because it is a game of incomplete information as well as high variance. After playing for a few months, I realized that it is difficult to be a winning player in the long run without first developing a strong understanding of several important concepts such as the fundamental theory of poker and poker math, proper mindset, discipline, bankroll management, etc. The fastest way to learn this is with the help of good coaches and better poker players who have already mastered these concepts. PBCI offers great resources to make this possible including but not limited to 24*7 access to the coaches, who are also poker pros, and access to a community of peers who are continuously working on improving their skills. I found that the investment to enroll in PBCI is insignificant compared to the vastly improved win-rate and continued access to PBCI’s resources.

    PBCI Online - Epsilon Batch

      Dhananjay Kanaujia

      I recently completed the Hello Poker course from PBCI. The teaching methods of the coaches are simple yet powerfully effective. I've been playing poker for the past 4 years and knew some basics already but still, the course has added a lot of value to my game and improved it a lot. The thing that sets PBCI apart, is that, in addition to the excellent courses, PBCI offers lifetime access to fellow players with whom you can discuss various strategies, review hand histories and discuss much more than poker and that is invaluable in itself, as I believe you need to surround yourself with other good players in order to constantly improve in this game. The experience has been so good that I am happily looking forward to completing other courses of PBCI and take my game to the next level. Finally, all I can say is if you are serious about the game and looking to improve, you should definitely join PBCI.

      PBCI Online - Epsilon Batch

        Yash Chitre

        A combination of extremely approachable poker professionals and like-minded peers makes PBCI the place-to-be for poker enthusiasts and aspiring regs. Would highly recommend the courses offered to folks who intend to make their mark in the poker industry and also to others who are pursuing the game as a side-hustle.

        PBCI Online - Delta Batch

          Sam Reddy

          Any compliment will just not suffice to the Poker Bootcamp coaches. I was losing heavily until I joined the course. Now I feel I am a hundred times a better player. Not exaggerating. These coaches do not leave us after the course. Been 3 months since I took the course yet we are in touch at least 3-4 hrs every day. Constant hand-holding and banter. I'm requesting them for a lifetime membership to PBCI. Will join all the courses. Apna time aa Gaya. We are all a family now.

          PBCI Online - Beta Batch

            Anupam Aryan

            I would like most of the poker enthusiastic to definitely join this course. The way the coaches Goindi and Tanay cover the minute details, it's just amazing. It definitely helped me a lot to improve my game. The study materials that are shared are also very helpful. Basically everything that I needed to take my game to another level, I got it here. Highly recommended.

            PBCI Online - Gamma Batch

              Yudhishtir Singh Rathore

              Step by step approach and breaking things down to the finest of details, Tanay and Abhishek have done a great job here. It was a great learning experience. Frankly, there is a lot of information available everywhere but when you receive personalized and customised training, you actually understand how to implement that knowledge.

              PBCI - 2, October 2019

                Maqsood Peera

                The experience of the Bootcamp was surreal, the kind of coaching Tanay and Abhishek Goindi gave us was phenomenal. This showed instant results as I managed to cash out in the WPT bounty event finishing 20th out of 225 players, getting 2 bounties in the process. I also had a semi-deep run in the BPT main event.

                PBCI - 2, Oct 2019

                  Radhika Shankar

                  Goindi and Tanay are like Jai and Veeru of Sholay, Each has his own distinct personalities both of them have their own strengths and both are really really good teachers, and both have their way of getting the education across to us.

                  PBCI - 3, Nov 2019

                    LEADERBOARD OF THE MONTH

                    DOPT HighRoller, 2nd

                    ₹ 8,84,000

                    Rudramani Pokhrel

                    The Elite, 2nd

                    ₹ 7,25,525

                    Sandeep Bhatnagar

                    Destiny, 2nd

                    ₹ 5,27,415

                    Yash Chitre

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