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We understand the Indian mindset is different. While what is taught on the global scale is great but it is not created keeping in mind the Indian poker fields. Imagine a one-size-fits-all scenario. Our desi boyz play differently. We have designed and tailored this course specifically for you to be able to use the strategies and knowledge that applies to the Indian poker conditions. Having said that, we also train you to compete globally by giving you the right tools, tweaks, and training - so that you can play anywhere.
Nothing wrong with it. We agree that there’s a lot of material available for free but it's unstructured, lengthy, and at times boring to watch. Either there is too much theory or too many hands to watch - none of which solve the problem as to how a beginner can acquire the skills to play poker in a structured way. Coaches Abhishek Goindi and Tanay Hargunaney analyzed the problems with the poker content available online and concluded that there was no symmetry or structure. Search engine’s algorithms take you from one suggestion to another based on the popularity of the content but there’s no particular flow of learning involved in that. Sometimes, you pick up the information without having the knowledge to apply it correctly which can prove to be disastrous and expensive. The Poker Bootcamp India combines the knowledge from the field and application of theories to provide a structured framework custom-made for you. Hence, people gladly study and enjoy the game called ‘Poker’, supported by a fantastic community and 24*7 access to learning.
This course is for you: - If you want to learn the fundamentals of the game - If you want to improve your win rate - If you’re facing challenges and unable to resolve them - If you have been playing for a while but still feel stuck at a lot of situations - If you have learned poker during the lockdown - If you have tried learning through various online sources but you were unable to apply those principles properly to your game
Pot Limit Omaha is a growing game in India. This course is for you: - If you are playing PLO cash games across any stakes - If you play PLO on social gaming apps like PPPoker, Pokerrrr2 or another Indian poker websites - If you play with friends or private tables - If you have never taken any formal training or coaching in PLO and have learned on the go only through friends/free youtube videos/ or solely through experience
You should be comfortable playing poker in terms of the rules and flow of the game!
On our courses section click, Enrol Now for the course you’re interested in, fill the form and one of the coaches will reach back to you.
PAY NOW for the course using Google Pay, Paytm, IMPS/NEFT Hello Poker Course: ₹22,499 Think Like a Pro Course: ₹22,499 Pot Pot RePot - PLO Course: ₹49,999 Google Pay: +91 99201 77025 OR Paytm: +91 96117 44949 OR NEFT/IMPS: Abhishek Goindi A/c: 29600100013562 IFSC: BARB0BTMBAN (It’s zero after the B)
You can pay the fees in tranches. Please reach out to us on and we will help you with the instalments format.
If you found a bug or something is not working as expected please contact us by emailing
If you have a question that was not answered here please contact us via discord or email
Yes, you should if you haven't studied the game through paid content or received any formal training.
Join ‘Think like a Pro’ course. It's an advanced level course for intermediate players who have attained some form of formal training or studied the basics thoroughly and have been constantly applying the right concepts and winning yet feeling stuck and want to improve their win rate.
Because learning is forever. The best batsmen in the world, Virat Kohli, also needs a coach to help identify leaks and improve the game. Growth is a part of every game. We, at the Bootcamp, have individual tracking sheets and work constantly with our campers to make sure they are always growing. Our goal is to constantly impart poker education, knowledge, awareness, and help promote and grow this game in India! Once you join us, you are a part of the community! Don't believe us? Check out our discord server and you will see what we are talking about.
Definitely! Our ‘Hello Poker’ course focuses on fundamentals which cater to both MTT and cash games. It will solidify your approach and make you understand the game at a deeper level. The application of the concepts is different! It's similar to cricket. A c-bet is a c-bet! It's used in all formats of poker. The application is different in terms of the C-bet sizings in each format. For example, both t20 and test cricket have the same rules. However, a batsman goes about applying himself differently in both situations - the same applies to poker.
The Poker Bootcamp India combines online and live strategies on an absolute top level. Providing the game theory optimum as well as adjusts and exploits will make you ready to start crushing. On top, we will tell you everything we know about Live Game — including spotting and masking tells, body language, your image at the table as well as profiling players. Unique value shared exclusively with Team Poker Bootcamp India.
We generally try to keep our batch sizes small, maximum up to 10 people. We have two coaches online to make sure every student is given proper attention.
We generally have 2-sessions a week. However, our students always ask for more and we can't say no!! So, we cater to them on discord where we are building our community.
The batches have different slots! 6.30-8 PM is the most common one but it differs based on the majority of students’ preferences. We discuss the favorable time slots with our campers and reach a convenient schedule.
It’s ideal that you attend all the sessions while they are happening. But we do understand special situations, so we record our sessions and a link to the recording is shared after the session has ended. For any queries regarding the session, you can reach out to the coaches on discord or WhatsApp.