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As we all know, being a game of incomplete information every minute detail is important in poker.  When you play online poker on various sites, it is next to impossible to keep a mental note on each player you encounter. Sure there might be some regulars that you know personally or engage with more often than others. But that still doesn’t take away from the face that those minute details are lost if not recorded
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Having a strategy for the bubble in MTTs is not only essential, but also required, as every tournament you play, the bubble phase will arrive. No matter your stack size, some adjustments and change in strategy needs to take place in order to maximise your tournament result. Different players adopt different styles during the bubble phase of a tournament. There are players who will tighten up and hardly play a hand. Some become too loose
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One of the more important skills you need to have if you play MTTs, is how to play short stacked. At some point or the other, you will end up finding yourself with a short stack in an MTT. It becomes imperative then to know how to navigate & maximise your MTT life with a short stack. You need to have the patience to wait for the right opportunities to extend your tournament life. Here
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Poker is an ever-evolving game and whatever level you consider yourself to be at, you must always try to be motivated and dedicated towards learning and developing your skills further In our day-to-day life, more often than not, complacency and lack of motivation creeps in at some point. To tackle this inevitability, we must construct, maintain & follow a routine to always be ahead of the curve. Here are some fundamental habits which you must
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At its core there are three main aspects to being good at poker: (i) A Solid Poker Strategy (ii) A Strong Mental Game (iii) Bankroll management. Good bankroll management would ensure that even after suffering multiple losses, one doesn’t go bust. Besides a good strategy, a positive mindset is essential in the long run. A strong mindset will enable you to make correct decisions based on strategy and not emotion. Not having a consistent bankroll
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