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Poker, like any other sport, needs hours of study and practice. Most players feel playing more would teach them everything about the game which may not always work. To master this art, you must also understand the fundamentals well as they are the biggest stepping stone for success in Poker. Let’s have a look at the areas of the game that studying helps with: Fundamentals “ You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but
Let’s start with a famous poker quote “The Beautiful Thing About Poker Is That Everybody Thinks They Can Play”. Most of us got introduced to poker either through a friend, watching a poker movie, or through social media platforms (mainly Zynga Poker on Facebook). Some of those keep playing for fun or recreationally, while others try to take it up seriously with the intention of playing professionally & playing for a living. It gives a
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Just thought I’d share something with you about the best birthday gift ever. One I gave myself this year, a couple of weeks ago… The Poker Bootcamp! At first, I was toying with the thought of having to leave my husband and child back home and go away for a week, alone, on my birthday, for poker! It’s been a rough year, I’ve lost both my parents successively, my health hasn’t been great and neither
Campers Corner

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